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May Day message from NUPW


May Day message from NUPW

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The activities which triggered the celebration of May Day reach as far back as workers’ protests in the 1800s. Travel through all the intervening time and years and workers have been busy trying to maintain the balance between offering their skills and time to employers in exchange for the resources they need to buy food and secure shelter.

Although some are disappointed that they have not been able to negotiate a much-needed pay increase, I believe their willingness to recognise this year’s May Day celebration is because of a renewed hope and belief in the Union movement and the strength of solidarity.

Workers in the public sector will still be fighting for a pay increase but the National Union of Workers have also secured progress on a number of issues including some appointments and safety and health-related matters. We also believe that the public support shown for the workers protecting their long-term wellness is a sign that Barbadians generally understand that public servants must not be subjected to ill-health and death just to carry out their duties.

The National Union of Public Workers wishes all workers, especially those in the public sector a restful and blessed May Day. Long live the tenacity, drive and willingness of workers to strive for their betterment in solidarity.