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Warm welcome for Lowe

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Warm welcome for Lowe

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A THUNDEROUS applause greeted Dr Denis Lowe as he arrived at the Registry this morning to make his deposit as a first step to defend his Christ Church East seat in the General Elections May 24.

Lowe, a member of the incumbent Democratic Labour Party government arrived about 11:35 in a black Suzuki Vitara, was attired in a black pair of pants and a gold shirt and was greeted by his Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.

The incumbent Minister of Environment and Drainage, who had kept a low profile over the past months and reportedly hospitalized now seemed fit as he carried a collapsible cane which he did not use as he walked up the steps.

Earlier a number of other candidates including those from the DLP and Solutions Barbados turned up at the newly relocated Registry at the National Housing Corporation, Country Road, St Michael to make their deposits of $250. (SDB)