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Accident victim laid to rest


Accident victim laid to rest

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Family and friends of the late Ronald Knight said their final goodbyes to him Thursday.

Knight, who remained in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital after a hit-and-run accident along Bibby’s Lane, St Michael, on Sunday, March 11, succumbed to his injuries over a month later. 

There was standing room only outside the St George Parish Church in the Glebe during the ceremony.

Seeing their father laid to rest was an emotional experience for his six children. His youngest son, 18-year-old Shaquan Wilkinson, took it the hardest, and fainted as his father’s coffin was being lowered into the grave at the church’s burial ground.

During the eulogy cousin Sandra Hinds recalled fond memories of her favourite cousin.

“We were so close and he had so much respect for me that he used to call me aunty,” she said, holding back tears.

“He would say, ‘Aunty, you done cook? I want some fish before I leave home, so I coming up by you’.

“He used to visit me in the Bridgetown Fisheries Complex and ask for fish and whatever I had I gave to him.

“Every time I called upon him he came and did as I requested. I love him and I really feel bad that he gone; he left with piece of my heart.”

Reverend John Rogers encouraged the audience not to delay getting right with God as life was filled with uncertainties. He added that walking the Christian path was the only way to get to Heaven.

Rogers said in times of trial, you must keep faith and believe God will see you through.

He also asked those present not to get caught up in pursuing material things as the Creator did not judge man by his wealth, but by the type of life he lived. (SB)