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Jordan rules at Islandfit games

RIA GOODMAN, [email protected]

Jordan rules at Islandfit games

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Mark Jordan won the all-day battle with gym mate Tony Boggs to take the men’s title during the IslandFit Games at the Boatyard, Carlisle Bay, on Saturday.

Jordan, of Limitless Performance defeated Boggs by ten points when he accumulated 280 to capture this year’s event. Boggs gained 270 points.

“We train almost every morning in the gym, so the two of us go head to head every morning and one of us barely beats the other whenever we train. We were close throughout the competition.

“He pushed me hard in every single event and he upped my game for sure. We went into the final tied [with 230 points], so the final event determined which one of us would win,” he said.

The final involved ten toes to bar, followed by ten calories on the assault bike then as many wall balls as possible across four two-minute rounds to accumulate 100 points.

Jordan said he felt pleased to win the event since it was his third time competing.

“The first year, I was fifth, and last year I had a really tough event and dropped from first to 10th which was a terrible experience. My coach from O40 Fitness, Scott Foster has really helped my progress.”

One of the most exciting events of the day was the sands, stones and sledge. It involved four rounds characterised by a 50-metre run before five hay-bale burpees with sand bags, a 25-metre run, a sledge hammer banger, another 25m run, five hay-bale burpees once more with sand bags and another 50m run on dead sand.

“I knew it was going to be difficult running in the sand since it would be taxing on certain muscles like the legs, and we would have done a beach event the morning already. I knew it was going to hurt, but that event was a lot of fun, to be honest, with the hay bales and the new obstacle called the banger where you use a sledge hammer. That was different as we never used it before,” Jordan said.

Former top Barbados swimmer Nicky Neckles of Crossfit 246 was third in the men’s competition with 210 points.

In the women’s category, Shari Cadogan of Crossfit Islandfit edged out her gym mate Carla Niles to win with 305 points while Niles was second with 300. Syndra Bapte of Mada Crossfit was third with 275 points.

CrossFit IslandFit ruled in both teen boys and girls competitions.

In the boys, Ian Reid, Peter Hadley and Cain Foster took the top three positions with 190, 160 and 120 points respectively while Dana Begg and Kacie Corbin was first and second with 200 and 160 points, respectively. (RG)