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UPDATED: PM Stuart arrives with nomination team

GERCINE CARTER, [email protected]

UPDATED: PM Stuart arrives with nomination team

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Prime Minister, Freundel Stuart, arrived at the Graydon Sealy Secondary School at 1 p.m. sharp to about 30 awaiting Democratic Labour Party (DLP) supporters. Stuart headed straight to the electoral officer for St Michael South Edgerton Thompson.

He was accompanied by proposer Colleen Jones, seconder June Harris, and witnesses Winona Lorde and Norma Cadogan.

They went through the process of having their authenticity checked against the electoral registers as voters in the constituency before the actual nomination took place.

Afterwards, Stuart said he was feeling “quite good”.

“I feel quite comfortable. I am looking forward with eager anticipation to the campaign and I am confident that we will pull it off,” he said after.

Stuart said he felt energised by the DLP base and those who attended the campaign launch meeting at the National Stadium last night.

“I think the platform was a fairly energetic platform. I am aware that we have come under attack for the content of last night’s platform but that is always a good sign. It is never a good sign when your adversaries are praising you. Whenever your adversaries are praising you it means that you are behaving as they want you to behave. So I am quite satisfied with last night,” he said.

The Prime Minister said the issues in the constituency were similar to those across the country: infrastructure, unemployment and low-income housing. (GC)