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Candidates plan to improve communities

ANTOINETTE CONNELL, [email protected]

Candidates plan to improve communities

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Two neighbouring Democratic Labour Party St Michael candidates are pushing community projects as part of their plans for their constituencies.

St Michael West Central James Paul and St Michael North Kim Tudor joined up Tuesday night with spot meetings at Ulster Road and Denton Road, Grazettes, St Michael. They spoke about getting projects going in the areas that would highlight the skills of the young people and help to encourage entrepreneurship in order to bring in income.

“One of the issues I want to deal with is moving people from renting to owning. Some are waiting on titles from the Government and others have them and that has made them feel more secure and able to borrow,” first-timer Tudor said.

She was also concerned about the elderly in the constituency admitting that there were many of them. As a result, she was also looking to ensure there is adequate day care and residential facilities.

On the other hand, Paul said that young people in the community could take advantage of the tourism industry by marketing their skills there. He explained that by pushing their local brand and selling to tourists that could lead to increase spending and help to improve the economy while also providing young people with a livelihood. (AC)