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St John folk urged to give BLP a chance

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

St John folk urged to give BLP a chance

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People in the Democratic Labour Party stronghold of St John have been told to put party and politics aside and vote person.

That is the plea from St South candidate Indar Weir in support of the Barbados Labour Party’s Charles Griffith.

He was speaking at a meeting at Massiah Street in the parish on Tuesday night before a small crowd of about 60 people and police.

In a similar vein, candidate for St Philip North Dr Sonia Browne asked St John voters to look past their loyalty to Errol Barrow and vote for Griffith.

She stated that the people of the area were entitled to free education, reduced taxes and better roads and transportation. She asked what the previous representative Mara Thompson had done for the parish.

St Andrew incumbent George Payne also spoke in support of Griffith who said he will make a difference.

Meanwhile, Griffith said he needed a chance to prove himself.

He said he saw the needs of St John and would work in his first five years to bring drastic change in the constituency.

Party leader Mia Mottley also addressed the meeting.

She said the BLP’ s manifesto will be launched on Thursday at Kingsland, Christ Church.

And in response to queries about how the party would afford all that it was promising, she said planning and analysis were done and the numbers were not just plucked out the air. (NS)




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