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UPP St Michael North launches mobile unit


UPP St Michael North launches mobile unit

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In a bold initiative to ensure that the St Michael North community is well served and that residents have a truly more responsive approach to their concerns, the St Michael North Candidate for the United Progressive Party (UPP) Maria Phillips has launched a mobile unit.

“The UPP has fully endorsed this innovative additional approach to connect with the people, as it recognises the need for better representation at the community level,” Phillips said.

She added that community empowerment remains one of the guiding principles of the UPP.

To this end, Phillips believes that projects such as this one and others serve to highlight creative ways of representation; for politicians to be more involved in the community but more importantly for the community’s needs to be effectively addressed.

Meanwhile, the attorney and specialist in dispute resolution highlighted some of the projects which, once elected, she has prioritised to implement within her community.

These include community dispute settlement programs, sports and farming initiatives to ensure that youth unemployment is reduced.

Phillips believes these and other important programs will ultimately ensure that the people can harness the talent, knowledge and skills from within the community. (PR)

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