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National United Society of the Blind choose new executive


National United Society of the Blind choose new executive

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The National United Society of the Blind held its 42nd Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, April 21, and elected a new Executive Committee for 2018-2020. 

They are: Kerryann Ifill – president, Rudyard Welch – vice president, Mary Sayers-Niccolls – secretary, Lisa Williams – assistant secretary/treasurer, Rose-Ann Foster-Vaughan – treasurer, Errol Hurley – public relations officer, Leroy Smith – floor member, Mark Stoute – floor member, and Roger Vaughan – floor member.

The organisation wishes to thank the public of Barbados for its support over the years and hopes for continued support in the future. 

Visual impairment impacts the lives of over twelve thousand people and their families daily in our country, and as our organisation grows, we look forward to the day when the challenges of eye health are understood by our nation and that those of us who live with visual impairment are empowered to live a life after blindness that is rich, full and contributing to our society’s development. As our motto says: United We Stand, Divided We Fall! (PR)