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It’s not all about winning in amateur sport


It’s not all about winning in amateur sport

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The University of the West Indies (UWI) has withdrawn its Blackbirds team from the Barbados Netball Association’s Division 1 competition for 2018.

As far as I am aware, to date the UWI has not made public a reason for the withdrawal but rampant rumours have suggested that injuries to its players have precipitated the action.

Simply put, the inability to field a team at full strength would greatly jeopardise its chances of being truly competitive, far less retaining the title, the primary aim in entering the competition.

This action has truly baffled many commentators in the sporting fraternity as well as myriad netball fans and enthusiasts.

What I find baffling is that UWI’s baffling action has actually baffled so many sporting enthusiasts.

Anyone who has followed the progress of the UWI in the main sports in which it competes locally, viz. cricket, football and netball, would have realised that the UWI has persuaded players from other teams to join its ranks with the sole intention of winning trophies.

Sports in Barbados is still an amateur undertaking, with many teams and players participating simply for the love of the game (as the amateur status implies) and therefore whilst all teams would love to be declared victors, they all know that where there is a victor there must also be a loser.

In amateur sports, winning is not the only reason for participation but then whilst the other teams are playing amateur sports it may be quite possible that UWI is not and therefore losing is not a consideration to be countenanced.