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First-timer conquers Ninja course

RIA GOODMAN, [email protected]

First-timer conquers Ninja course

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Levar Tull conquered the great Mount Hillaby in one attempt to come away men’s champion at the Barbados Ninja Throwdown at Featherbed Lane, St John, on Sunday.

And the first-timer to the competition, now in its third year, completed the grueling 12-obstacle course with the fastest time of three minutes and seven seconds among the men.

Tull, 36, said he was simply hoping to complete the course but was pleased with his first-place finish.

“I feel elated. My aim was just to make it to the end. The fact that I did pin the fastest time is a bonus.

“I had a lot of fun. The course is not made to beat you. It is supposed to challenge you. I found everything was well put together,” he said.

To come away champion ahead of Darren Perez and former champion Lee Knight he had to succeed at the Morgan Lewis Wheels, Ragged Point Teeter Tot, Cattlewash Stepping Stones, Walaba Log Posts, Green Monkey Bars 2.0, Garrison Spider Wall, Joe’s River Jumper, Hackleton Cliff Net Climb, River Bay Log Roll, Pico Tenerife Peg Board, Charles Fort Cannon Balls and Mount Hillaby.

Perez also made a smooth run through the course, but had to make a second attempt at Mount Hillaby, which caused him to finish in three minutes and 13 seconds.

Former champion Knight took on the course on Saturday night before rain postponed the event to the following day.

He was the only competitor in the adult section on the night to make it to the end, since a number of them underestimated the early obstacles, missing their chance to advance to the more challenging ones.  He succeeded in 3:46.

Grace Sims, of North Carolina, captured the women’s crown when she made it to the end of the second Ragged Point Teeter Tot in 3:50.

“I competed a lot on Ninja courses for the last four years, but it is my first time doing itin Barbados.

“I thought it was a really fun course. Unfortunately, I went really slowly so I didn’t get to go as far as I would have liked, but next time I’ll try to pick up the speed and get a few more obstacles in. The very first obstacle was the most challenging, so I took my time and went super slow,” she said.

She fell in her attempt to leap off that obstacle.

Second in that category was Natalie Duran while Charity Leblanc placed third.

In the 8-12 Boys’ competition, Slade Jones captured the heart of the crowd when he completed the entire course in 1:58.

The only difference to their course was that the Joe’s River Jumper included a rope and was called the Joe’s River Rope Shuttle and Mount Hillaby also included a rope to assist them in getting to the top.

In the 8-12 Females, Charlee Collins finished in 4:03.

Tyreik Knight won the 13-17 Male category with a 3:20 finish while Saffire Fields made it as far as the first Ragged Point Teeter Tot in 39 seconds. (RG)