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Police suspect “hit” in murder of Chinese businessman


Police suspect “hit” in murder of Chinese businessman

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PORT OF SPAIN – Trinidad and Tobago police are working on the theory that a “hit” had been ordered on a Chinese businessman, who was shot and killed while he slept at his home on Sunday.

Police said that 42-year-old Qumehlanj Cao was asleep at his home in Arima, east of here, when two men jumped the wall and knocked on the front door and barged into the building as the wife answered.

The men are reported to have then entered the bedroom where the businessman was sleeping and shot him several times. They did not harm his wife.

Cao was the owner of a restaurant, and police believe that the murder was a hit based on the fact that the intruders did not attack Cao’s relatives and did not steal any items before fleeing the scene.

The businessman was described by shocked residents as family man, who lived in the community for the past three years.

They said the family, which also included three children, kept to themselves.

So far this year, 200 people have been murdered in Trinidad and Tobago. (CMC)