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Barbados can’t afford fuel tax, says Hinds


Barbados can’t afford fuel tax, says Hinds

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Trinidad and Tobago could afford to abolish road tax but Barbados can ill afford it, says Democratic Labour Party  (DLP) St Thomas candidate Dr Rolerick Hinds.

Hinds explained to a crowd at a spot meeting in Eden Lodge, St Michael tonight that fuel was “dirt cheap” in Trinidad since they produce a high percentage of their fuel. Hence, a tax on fuel increased prices and benefited retailers but it did not break the backs of consumers. 

However, if Barbados which has a population less than a third of the twin island republic’s were to introduce such a measure as proposed by the Barbados Labour Party in its election manifesto, it would not bear the same results, Hinds charged.

According to him, that’s because only a small fraction of oil is mined here. With prices already high, to introduce a tax on fuel would be detrimental.

He said it would mean the increased prices of all necessities including electricity,  food, and transport, which would create an even greater burden for Barbadians 

“We are at the crossroads of politics,” Hinds said while endorsing the DLP and St Michael North candidate Kim Tudor.  (SDB Media)

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