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Todd believes Mia can be beaten


Todd believes Mia can be beaten

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Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate Patrick Todd believes that Barbados Labour Party leader Mia Mottley is losing ground in St Michael North East.

He contends this has happened because Mottley has been “MIA” – missing in action. According to him, she was only present at election time and conveniently for a photo opportunity.

Quoting figures from the Electoral Boundaries Commission report of the last election, Todd showed how the Barbados Labour Party leader’s victory in some of the boxes had narrowed considerably when compared to previous elections.

In one box, the then candidate for the DLP was beat out by under 50 votes.

Todd told supporters at a spot meeting in Eden Lodge tonight that the day was coming when Mottley’s grasp on the constituency would loosen.

And that’s why he encouraged all DLP faithful not to stay home come Election Day on May 24. Instead, he urged them to head to the polls and give Todd the nod. (SDB Media)