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Vandalised posters no big deal for Grant


Vandalised posters no big deal for Grant

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Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate for St Michael South East Rodney Grant is not fazed by what he believes was the deliberate vandalism of his posters in the constituency.

“Posters never win an election yet! Tear them down because after the 24th I won’t have to pay nobody to take them down for me,” he said while speaking at a spot meeting on Monday night at Factory Avenue, Wildey, St Michael.

The first time political hopeful told party faithful that even if the action continued, it still wouldn’t stop him from carrying out the mandate which he has had for the past 40 years.

“I know you can’t stop me from going in the people’s houses and talking to them and as Bob Marley said ‘you have fi tired fi see me face but yuh can’t get me out of the race’. Don’t be misguided; don’t get side-tracked; don’t be disillusioned because you may not see my posters. You have seen me for the last 40 years, more than you can say of my opponent. So decide what you want and decide not only what you want now but what you want after the 24th,” he said.

While touting his intentions to USE sports and culture to empower constituents and Barbadians at large, Grant urged the public not to get caught up in the “ism and schisms” contained in the Barbados Labour Party’s manifesto,  which he criticised.

He charged that the BLP had not outlined a vision that spoke to moving the country forward post 50 years Independence. 

“Where is the vision in all the giveaways. . . ? How will we change and create a new dynamic of the education that moves us into the global future? These are the things that are missing. So don’t live for now. Your future cannot be contained in a now, a handout, a $100, a fete, a party, a picnic, next day yuh brek, yuh hungry, yuh can’t pay yuh bills, can’t send school yuh children. We are greater than that and we are worth more than that. So if you want to give away your life [and remain trapped in your history] for a $100- go right ahead . . . .”

 Though he expressed confidence of a victory, Grant maintained that whatever decision is made come May 24, he would be comfortable because he has stayed true to the people of the constituency 

“Win or lose I here to stay . . . . I know I have done my tour of duty not as a Member of Parliament but as somebody who cared about this constituency, somebody who is committed to this constituency and I don’t have to be a representative to care about my people or to represent them.

“I’ve built houses in Lower Burney, sent to school children, supported education, supported businesses, trained people in music – I’ve done it all and I’ve never been a Member of Parliament. I have come to this point to say to you, give me your stamp I can do more for you than I have done before – simple as that.” (SDB Media)