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Voters urged to reject DLP style of governance

BARRY ALLEYNE, [email protected]

Voters urged to reject DLP style of governance

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Colin Jordan is asking Barbadians to reject the kind of ‘don’t carish’ governance exhibited by the Democratic Labour Party in the last ten years.

Jordan, a first-time candidate for the Barbados Labour Party in the May 24 General Elections, warned at a political meeting last night that on too many occasions, the DLP had gone back on its word.

At the meeting in Redman Village, St Thomas, Jordan reminded the crowd that as far back as in 1991, the DLP had promised to protect public servants, but quickly docked their pay by eight per cent months later.

“This is the type of Government that you should never accept. This is the type of governance that you should always reject,” he added.

The St Peter hopeful charged that the DLP had deceived the populace again recently, by saying public servants and education would remain untouched under their regime, but later imposing tuition fees and retrenching almost 3 000 workers.

“But under a BLP you will be able to dream again. You will able to aim high. You will be able to go university again without paying those fees. Under a BLP government the work will start from May 25, the morning after the election,” Jordan stressed.

“The politics of a Prime Minister not talking to you has to be rejected. The politics of not caring for you should not be accepted. You have to reject it,” he concluded. (BA)