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Connolly: Develop and export technology

JUSTIN MARVILLE, [email protected]

Connolly: Develop and export technology

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Apparently, Barbados has another commodity it can export.

George Connolly believes the country can provide the world with software solutions and apps once government helps with the development of Barbados’ technological companies.

The Democratic Labour Party candidate for St James Central, made the point while explaining ways that Barbados can diversify its economy.

“We’re going to build our technology services and scale them to develop world-class skills in technology. So we want companies to invest in technology that will help us build apps and software solutions we can market across the world. We’re going to use Barbados as the asset test to build those platforms up,” explained Connolly.

“While I was working in Guatemala the local power company was looking for a payroll solution and we travelled the world looking for an application for them. We went to Singapore, we went to Asia, we went to Germany, we went to the US, we went to Quebec and would you believe the best payroll system that we found for a company of 4 000 was made right here in Barbados by a local firm?

“That is something that we take for granted and now we have that local firm pushing their product in Guatemala. We got people who speak Spanish translating the service for them and we are growing that business. We need the government to be able to push skills at these companies and take the wonderful talent that we have and build it up,” he added. (JM)

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