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Halliday: BWA on course to meet target


Halliday: BWA on course to meet target

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The Barbados Water Authority will meet its mid-term target to get the injection wells up and running, as they aim to alleviate the flow of sewage on the streets on the South Coast.

The assurance came from general manager Keithroy Halliday, who says despite the challenges they have been facing things, are progressing.

In terms of controlling the overflows, he reiterated that it is a process, but hinted that it is “primarily” under control. He said they will meet their mid-term target, giving them time to divert the effluent to give them some control over sewage in the streets.

“That will give the authority time to get on the ground and determine their next step and to find a long-term remedy to the situation,” said Halliday.

Halliday said what transpired at the Accra Beach facility recently was isolated and worked on feverishly by his team, with collaboration from The National Conservation Commission.

“We are always on standby,” he said. (DR)