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Lowe boasts of job record

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

Lowe boasts of job record

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Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate for Christ Church East, Dr Denis Lowe, says he created more employment in that constituency than any previous representative.

Lowe, who was Member of Parliament for the area since 2008, said he created 500 jobs for people there, some of whom had never worked before.

Speaking at a meeting in Parish Land, Christ Church, tonight, Lowe said some of them were now appointed and thriving in the public service.

To shouts of support from the crowd, he said Reginald Farley, Edgar “Ginger” Bourne, the late Tyrone Estwick and Wendell Callender could not match his record.

He cited two young men, both with criminal pasts who reached out to him for support after receiving no help or being rebuffed from a previous representative.

One young man, whose police certificate of character Lowe said was falling apart, said all he wanted was a job. Lowe said that man was now working at the Sanitation Service Authority for the last seven years.

Another resident, whom he said would be telling his story on the platform tomorrow night, “lived in prison” and was there so often he practically had his own room.

The incumbent said that man asked for a job and promised not to let him down. He started in the Drainage Unit and after it folded, was given another placement.

“He has not gone back to prison. He is married and enjoying a successful life as a Christian,” Lowe said. (SAT)