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Lowe on the mend

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

Lowe on the mend

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Dr Denis Lowe still has two screws in his knee after shattering it in a fall.

Lowe, who was speaking at a spot meeting in Parish Land tonight, told the people of Christ Church East he was on the mend and did not intend to go anywhere.

The incumbent said he had heard the rumours that he had cancer, AIDS, had lost a leg and was dying. There were also rumours he was being replaced by Derek Alleyne.

His physical appearance was significantly improved from Nomination Day when he arrived at the Treasury with a cane.

He told those gathered he tripped over shoes in his home and shattered the knee. Stating he had not been drinking, he said he called two people for assistance after struggling to get off the floor.

Lowe said he saw a doctor and a rheumatologist who said the fluid in his knee had hardened, something she had never seen, and referred him to an orthopaedic surgeon.

The latter asked him if he wanted to have surgery or live with the pain, recognising the campaign for the May 24 General Election was around the corner. He underwent two surgeries.

“I ended up with 40 metal staples in my knee and two screws that are still in there. I am standing here tonight because of the grace of the Almighty,” he said.

Lowe said he could have thrown in the towel, but it was his love of the people and his job was not yet done.

“Through pain day in and day out, I come out here to fight for you,” he charged.

Lowe defended his record, citing job creation, the opening of parks in several communities, a gazebo in Silver Sands, a hamper programme and lessons at one of the primary schools, among others. (SAT)