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BLP crossed the line

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

BLP crossed the line

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Even if you want to one-up your opponent, there are certain behaviours which are not accepted on the political landscape.

And Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate for St Michael Central Steve Blackett castigated the opposition for blatantly displaying the DLP’s manifesto at a political meeting in Black Rock on Wednesday, one day before it was scheduled to be unveiled.

Blackett said it was like a neighbour going over your paling, stealing your goat, sheep or cow, killing it, packaging it in one-pound parcels and then putting it on display for sale.

Speaking at a national meeting at Eagle Hall, tonight, Blackett said after doing all of that, the person then declared the meat was too tough, it took too long to cook, had no taste and if you ate it, you would get ptomaine poisoning.

The Minister of Social Care said not one of the other 29 could tell their leader Mia Mottley not to do it and he said there were certain standards which had to be upheld.

“It is disgraceful and despicable. All of them are culpable by association,” Blackett said.

He went on to outline some of the programmes being undertaken by his ministry including the expansion of the home help from 1 000 to 1 500 clients, leading to expanded services and the creation of jobs. (SAT)