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Cheers, tears flow for royal couple


Cheers, tears flow for royal couple

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At the stroke of midday today Meghan Markle walked up the steps to St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle where her love Prince Harry was awaiting her arrival.

As the lovely American bride alighted the vehicle there were cheers from the tens of thousands gathered in The Long Walk who had gathered from early in the morning to watch the wedding ceremony from the big screens mounted in the open park. The Long Walk is located just outside Windsor Castle.

In addition to the cheers there were also tears from those who crammed into the area.

Watching from the screens as every celebrity and guest arrived, there were accompanying loud screams.

The screams grew louder with the arrival of the bride’s mother Doria Ragland and Queen Elizabeth. Prince Charles and wife Camilla also drew loud applauses. The trumpets sounded the arrival of the beautiful bride who then walked up the aisle to meet her dashing groom who was seated next to his brother and best man Prince William.

Halfway up the aisle the bride was joined by Prince Charles who walked her the rest of the way to take her place next to Prince Harry.

All the while, outside the church the thousands who were also gathered on the streets listened attentively to the service and the addresses from the officiating ministers on the mounted speakers. There were also pauses and moments of silence during the prayers.

They also sang along to the songs especially when the familiar tune Stand By Me was raised in the church by the choir.

By 1 p.m. when the ceremony was over and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were pronounced husband and wife, many who lined Sheet Street were holding their position awaiting the couple as they passed in their carriage escorted by police on horses.

As the newlyweds passed there were even more screams and the frantic waving of flags as they hailed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. (CM)