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Party leaders ready


Party leaders ready

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Upbeat, energetic and positive. With just four more days to go before thousands of registered voters cast their X, the four major political parties contesting the elections are generally ready for the occasion.

Saturday, the leaders of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), Barbados Labour Party (BLP), United Progressive Party (UPP) and Solutions Barbados were in the field getting up close and personal with voters before the May 24 general election.

The BLP party leader Mia Mottley was at the fun day of the St Matthew’s Church in the Hothersal Turning, St Michael, part of the St Michael North East constituency she is hoping to retain.

Mottley said her party’s campaign was going well and according to plan.

“We made a couple stops today, in between I just passed by to spend a few minutes with the members of St Matthew’s church at their fun day as I normally do every year at this time of year. I will leave and go into some other districts in the Pine,” she said.

 Mottley said her party remained upbeat ahead of Thursday’s election and urged supporters to remain focused.

“It’s never over until it’s over; so we are remaining focused, doing our work on the ground and our meetings at nights. To our supporters, stay focused. Our ability to change this country is in sight; we just need to stay focused. Find five friends and bring them on Thursday to vote for change,” she added.

Over in the DLP camp, Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart said his party was becoming increasingly enthusiastic as Election Day draws nearer. He was in Donna’s Kitchen at Luke’s Avenue, Bayville, in the St Michael South constituency which he is defending. 

“I’m quite satisfied with the way the campaign has gone so far. The closer we get to election, the more energetic the Democratic Labour Party base seems to be becoming. Optimism continues to rise exponentially and we are confident that we will be returning to office on the 24th,” Stuart said.

UPP’s party leader Lynette Eastmond was out and about in Pickwick Gap , The City liming with some men in the area.

Eastmond said her party’s campaign was going well with good public response and she and the other candidates were in good spirits.

“We are all learning and growing in the process. I think for all the candidates it’s a good learning experience. We are not only contesting a general election, we are building a party and we are learning a lot of new things. Everyone is still quite positive. The idea is to push right through to the end.

“You don’t give up. each day we are trying to get more votes, talk to more people, try to convince them that our policies  are the best policies, show people that we have the ability to run the country and to be good representatives for  our constituencies . . . .We are not getting involved in the back and forth between the other parties; we are just doing our thing,” Eastmond said.

She encouraged her supporters in the City to vote for her.

Though newcomer Solutions Barbados has not officially launched all its candidates, it is upbeat and believes its chances are very good.

Party leader Grenville Phillips II said he believed the party would turn the country around. (DB)