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Gibson: BLP can’t fix economy


Gibson: BLP can’t fix economy

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The Lord is the people’s guide but according to Solutions Barbados candidate Paul Gibson, He isn’t very pleased with the stewardship of the island.

In fact, Gibson, the hopeful for St Michael South, believes He will be equally displeased if the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) is given reins of this country. 

That’s why, while endorsing his colleague, Angela Gibbs for St Michael North, he called on residents of White Hall, St Michael to give her their vote so as not to return BLP candidate Ronald Toppin to the House of Assembly. 

To him a vote for Toppin is a vote for his leader, Mia Mottley, whose policies he charged will not only hand Barbados over neatly wrapped to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) but “all aboard over a cliff”.

“They do not have a clue how to sort out the economy of Barbados. So if they are promising you stuff it means they cannot honour the promises because they do not know how to fix the economy. . . ,” he said.

Gibson charged the BLP is inexperienced at running Barbados in difficult times as is the present case because, according to him, “the Barbados Labour Party has never run an economy without borrowing large sums of money. And with 22 downgrades that will not be possible so they are not the ones to lead this country . . . . “

Gibson believes that though Solutions was a new political party, it was made up of mature and experienced business people who are fit to return this country to the so-called glory days.

He added: “We have the policies and the plans as Solutions Barbados to put Barbados back on the tracks. We have the plans to make sure that the health of the economy us returned to a healthy breathing nation again.” (SDB Media)