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Depeiza: No comparison between Mottley and Stuart

MARIA BRADSHAW, [email protected]

Depeiza: No comparison between Mottley and Stuart

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An election like no other.

That is how Verla Depeiza is describing this election season. And she says the issue of leadership is being placed under the microscope.

Depeiza, an attorney-at-law and the Democratic Labour Party’s candidate for Christ Church West told a gathering at her party’s political meeting at Villa Road, Brittons Hill, St Michael, this election was “a signal moment in the history of Barbados.

“We are not jostling for positions in the House of Assembly but we are battling for the blood of this nation,” she charged.

She told the gathering that every election produced a great consideration about leadership and this was no exception.

“I am concerned that the Leader of the Opposition (Mia Mottley) thinks that she is beyond scrutiny. Whenever anyone thinks they are above criticism you have to ask yourself why are they not to be scrutinised,” Depeiza charged.

She further asked: “If your only and single accomplishment is the building of a prison why am I to place you as Prime Minister” as she proffered: “Don’t buy into the argument that every time you criticise her you are criticizing all women. I am a woman and I don’t feel that criticism falling on my shoulders.

Putting Mottley against Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, she said there was no comparison.

“They have a lot to say about the Prime Minister but they can’t touch on his integrity. When you rest the two of them next to each other on paper there is no doubt the leadership qualities lie in Freundel Jerome,” Depeiza declared to loud applause.

Continuing, she told the audience: “This is an election where morality is an issue. Go into the voting booth with conviction. Vote for integrity. Vote for morality . . . .”

In terms of how the DLP has handled the economic situation, Depeiza said: “Sometimes the medicine is bitter like gall but it is the thing that kills the worm”. (MB)


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