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DLP doubled Barbados’ debt

BARRY ALLEYNE, [email protected]

DLP doubled Barbados’ debt

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Dennis Kellman is part of a group that has helped destroy the island’s economy.

The claim was made last night by Colin Jordan at a Barbados Labour Party meeting in Crab Hill, St Lucy.

“They made a statement that they really don’t understand,” he said about the Democratic Labour Party’s mantra.

Jordan, the BLP’s first-time candidate said a perfect example was the Dems’  incessant imposition of horrible taxes such as the discarded cell phone tax, the similarly discarded solid waste municipal tax, and the controversial National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL).

“They should all be found guilty of helping destroy Barbados. Chris Sinckler (Minister of Finance) is the one delivering the news, but it is a decision made collectively,” Jordan warned.

He noted that it was careless for members of the incumbent Dems to say downgrades don’t matter. “They obviously don’t understand how an economy or a country works. You now have the perfect opportunity to reject that kind of thinking,” he added.

According to Jordan, the DLP members don’t understand that every time the country’s economy is downgraded it affects the ability for persons to keep their jobs.

Jordan was especially harsh on the DLP for their decision to bring tuition fees for students attending the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI) since so many parents are unable to afford almost $10 000 for tertiary education.

Jordan said it was even harder for a family which had multiple teenagers aspiring for a university education.

He said the decision was even more appalling since millions had been brought in by the wave of taxes Barbadians were forced to fork out.

“Money must be missing from somewhere,” said Jordan, an accountant by profession.

He said May 24, election day, was the perfect opportunity to put Prime Minister, Freundel Stuart, and absentee MP, Denis Kellman out of their misery.

He said the current administration had doubled Barbados’ debt, and that needs to stop for Barbados to recalibrate itself. (BA)