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Full nets for St Lucy folk

BARRY ALLEYNE, [email protected]

Full nets for St Lucy folk

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It’s time to cast your net on the other side of the boat so the catch will be abundant for your children.

It will be a catch with university education, social justice, entrepreneurship, and job opportunity, former Government minister, Liz Thompson told a Barbados Labour Party (BLP) meeting at Crab Hill, St Lucy tonight.

“The Barbados Labour Party will have a filled net for you. I see too many people with empty nets,” she told those on hand while providing context from a biblical scripture from the Book of John.

Thompson said that when she traversed across the good parish of St Lucy she was in shock by the amount of empty nets though DLP incumbent Denis Kellman had been in place for two decades.

“Where is the development?” she asked. “Where are the sporting facilities? Where are the small businesses,” said Thompson, a previous Minister of Health.

She noted it was of importance that St Peter people notice the spoiling of the legacy of the father of Independence, Errol Walton Barrow, who was born in the parish.

According to Thompson, the childhood home of Barrow had been ignored, when Government should have instead attempted to go to the United Nations to start the process of making the residence an official Heritage site.

Thompson said Kellman was only about representing himself, and not the people of the north, even though he always professed to be a daughter of the northerly parish.

“He does not do any work for the people. When he isn’t trying to get money into Moontown, he is on the call-in programme,” the former St James South MP noted.

Thompson said that just like St John, another parish that has long been loyal to the DLP, St Lucy people had been ignored in spite of that loyalty.

“You would think that because of that loyalty you would be better off. But what do you have? Empty nets. Cast your net on the other side,” Thompson suggested.

She added that the DLP administration was not to be believed since so many of their promises, such as free education and no public sector lay-offs had been reneged upon. (BA)