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Jobs for St Lucy

RIA GOODMAN, [email protected]

Jobs for St Lucy

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“Love who love Lucy”.

That was the plea from Opposition Leader Mia Mottley to the constituents of Crab Hill St Lucy and the surrounding areas during a Barbados Labour Party meeting at Crab Hill St Lucy last night.

“Even when St Lucy wasn’t among the seats that votes for the Barbados Labour Party we did for the people of St Lucy. The first concrete roads in Barbados started in the parish of St Lucy. The BLP is who started the Spring Hall Land Lease project under Tom Adams in St Lucy.

“I am saying to you how do you have land like Harrison’s Point sitting down for 10 years. It could have a major tourism resort, it could be providing jobs for the people of St Lucy. Instead, it is the subject between two top businessmen of who should get how much of the acres down there rather than the give and the people of Barbados working to make sure that your children and you can get jobs in St Lucy without leaving the parish,” said Mottley.

She added that whenever she visited the west coast there were more persons in the tourism industry working from St Lucy than any other parish across the island.

She said the people who worked in the field genuinely loved it and she was concerned that opportunities for them to continue what they loved in the parish in which they lived was unavailable.

She gave them her word that if the BLP got into power their concerns regarding the area of housing would be solved with the help of their candidate Peter Phillips her and the help of the Barbados Labour Party Government.

In addition, high on their list was a programme to stop the potholes which they were going to address with a 10-year rehabilitation programme.

“It is not fair for those of you who invest heavily in cars have to turn around and pay every three to four months to be able to use the same car”.

During her address which lasted just over 30 minutes, it was also said that they would also make sure Harrison’s Point, River Bay and other areas within the northern parish was developed for the interest for the people of St Lucy and Barbados but also make them attractive for visitors to the island. (RG)