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Lashley: BLP manifesto will lead to massive layoffs

EZRA STUART, [email protected]

Lashley: BLP manifesto will lead to massive layoffs

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Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley claims the  Barbados Labour Party’s manifesto promises will lead to massive lay-offs in the public service.

Lashley made the charge while speaking at a Democratic Labour Party (DLP) meeting in Blades Hill in support of St Philip North candidate Michael Lashley.

He said that whereas the DLP, through very careful economic strategies were able to keep the “vast majority of public servants in employ” there will be “large-scale retrenchment of public servants” by the BLP.

When Prime Minister Freundel Stuart took to the stage, he said the people of St Philip have had an “instructive distaste and distrust” of the Barbados Labour Party.

Also speaking at the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) meeting in St Philip North, Stuart posited that the distaste began in the 1930s when the late Sir Grantley Adams came up to St Philip and caused Hylton Vaughan, an ordinary man from Church Village in St Philip to be defeated by the Planters Class representative.

Stuart, who also hails from the rural St Philip parish and was once the Parliamentary representative from St Philip South, said he was confident the DLP will retain all three St Philip seats for a third straight five-year term in the May 24 General Elections with Michael Lashley, Dr David Estwick and Adriel Brathwaite all being reelected. (ES)