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Man stole perfume while drunk


Man stole perfume while drunk

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A 39-year-old unemployed thief has blamed his drinking habit for his actions.

Timothy Paul Sobers, of 2nd Avenue Sealy Land, Bank Hall, St Michael, admitted in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court recently to stealing a $70.99 bottle of perfume belonging to Duty Free Caribbean Holdings. He also pleaded guilty to stealing a $22 bottle of Cod Liver Oil capsules, an $18.50 bottle of Vitamin C tablets and a $15 bottle of eye drops.

Prosecutor Sergeant Edwin Pinder told Magistrate Douglas Frederick the man entered Cave Shepherd Vista and went into the perfume section where he began to behave suspiciously. His behaviour attracted the manager’s attention, who alerted security. A review of security footage showed Sobers putting the perfume in his pocket and exiting the store without paying.

Three days later, he went to Elbethel Pharmacy, in Belleville, St Michael, where he was observed by staff acting shiftily. The owner was informed and a review of the security footage showed Sobers removing the items and pocketing them.

Sobers said he had been drinking heavily.

“On the cologne matter, I was under the influence of alcohol, Mr Frederick. I wasn’t aware I took it, so I rest it in the wardrobe. When I wake up the next morning, I wasn’t aware.

“The other things, I definitely take them up,” he said.

While the perfume was recovered, Sobers said he had sold the other property to unknown persons and had received $30 which he spent on food. A restitution order was granted.

The magistrate sentenced him to six months for the theft at the pharmacy, and three months, to run concurrently, for the perfume. (RA/HLE)