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Oistins, River Bay folk get seaweed relief

HEATHER-LYNN EVANSON, [email protected]

Oistins, River Bay folk get seaweed relief

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Residents of River Bay, St Lucy, and vendors at Oistins, Christ Church, are getting relief from the sargassum seaweed.

Yesterday, workers from the National Conservation Commission (NCC) descended at the two locations in an attempt to remove the seaweed which had been raising a stink as it dried.

“It’s a lot and still a lot is in the water,” said NCC general manager Keith Neblett of the seaweed that has been clogging the Oistins Bay Garden area.

He said he found that instead of the seaweed coming ashore at Enterprise Beach, Christ Church, it was instead washing up at Oistins.

“If you go at the area by Enterprise Beach, no seaweed. Unusual. All of it is at Bay Garden, but it is not as bad as it was two years ago.

“But we know the impact that could have in terms of the vendors who are there, so we decided [Saturday] and [yesterday] if we could finish today to get it removed,” he told the DAILY NATION.

Neblett added the NCC had roped in help and heavy-duty equipment from the Soil Conservation Commission and Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre to deal with the mass of seaweed at River Bay.

Last week, residents there complained about the stench as the seaweed decomposed in the sun.

Neblett said officials from the NCC were still employing the mechanical beach cleaners to help rid the shores of the unsightly mess. And NCC crews had been working to keep the beaches in front hotels free from the pelagic seaweed.

“The machine has been cleaning all the beaches at Accra, Welches and on the East Coast,” Neblett said. (HLE)