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PM backs Sandiford-Garner to win

BARRY ALLEYNE, [email protected]

PM backs Sandiford-Garner to win

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart believes the third time will be the charm for Irene Sandiford -Garner.

The Prime Minister said Garner’s opponent in St Andrew, in the May 24 General Election, George Payne, has a philosophy of vote for one and get one free, which should be ignored by the good people of St Andrew.

“We have to make sure George Payne is banished to the threshold of forgotten places of politics in Barbados,” the Prime Minister said at a meeting in Belleplaine tonight.

“The people of St Andrew need the representative who responds to their needs, and that person is Irene Sandiford-Garner,” he advised supporters.

He reminded those on hand that supporters of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) would not be staying home Election Day, and DLP supporters should also come out in their numbers, since voting should never be taken for granted.

Stuart then gave a brief history lesson of the path which led to any person being at least 21 years old being able to vote in Barbados. “It is important you choose a Government whose outlook is similar to your interests. The only party that passes that test is the Democratic Labour Party,” he said to loud applause.

Stuart also warned why the physical vote was so important. “Not voting in the election is not an option. This is too critical a time in the history of Barbados not to vote,” he added.

The DLP leader warned supporters not to be fooled by the facade of unity displayed by the Barbados Labour Party, since he knew George Payne would never have any love for the Opposition Leader, Mia Mottley.

“When you see them holding hands and hugging up, that is a mock marriage carried out by an imaginary priest. Do not be misled by the impressions sought to be created by Mia Mottley and George Payne,” he stressed.

According to Stuart, were Mottley to be successful at the polls, it would be a mandate she wanted without Payne, former Attorney General, Dale Marshall, Ronald Toppin or Gline Clarke by her side.

“You and Mia Mottley are on the same side when it comes to George Payne. You want to get rid of him, and she wants to get rid of him too,” the Prime Minister said to loud cheers. (BA)