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Time for a fresh breeze to blow

CARLOS ATWELL, [email protected]

Time for a fresh breeze to blow

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Kerrie Symmonds said a new type of politician was now in power. People like Denis Kellman and Dr David Estwick who had business interests outside of their parliamentary duties, people who were allowed to continue doing so by a complicit, negligent and incompetent Prime Minister.

He said Barbados was on the brink of economic, social and financial ruin but once the current lawlessness in Government was rooted out, then the necessary monies could be found to pull Barbados back.

Symmonds criticised Government and Estwick for the island being unable to export food as the current administration had refused to put the necessary legislation and infrastructure in place for the past ten years. 

He said the DLP of today was a far cry from the one which had Errol Barrow and Horatio Cooke, so it was time for a fresh breeze to blow with the BLP. (CA)