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Weir: DLP ” failure after failure after failure”

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

Weir: DLP ” failure after failure after failure”

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Indar Weir says the people of St Philip need change. The penultimate speaker last night at St Patricks in support of fellow candidate John King that the voters should analyse what was presented by the two parties.

“As the curtain closes on this 2018 campaign I want you all to maintain laser-like focus. Look at the calibre of the two parties. I say two as in the BLP and the DLP as I don’t recognise the others in the political fray.

“BLP team 2018 came with policies. Not to bash and curse, engage in vulgarity. The BLP will transform Barbados to a new existence in the 21st century.”

He told the crowd between tonight and Thursday before they go to the polls to stand before the mirror and ask tough and harsh questions – “Does the DLP need to get another term?”

He touted that David Estwick, Adriel Brathwaite and Michael Lashley are no longer relevant and “St Philip needs change.”

“This is no longer territorial politics. It cannot be about party but you the people.”

He asked supporters to look at the track record of the DLP and see ” failure after failure after failure.”

He cited one such failure as the Coverley Housing Project which he foretold five years ago would be a disaster. (NS)