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We’ve heard your cries, says Abrahams


We’ve heard your cries, says Abrahams

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The next BLP Government has heard you. That’s the pledge made by BLP Christ Church East Candidate attorney Wilfred Abrahams who joined a chorus of speakers at Silver Sands playing field to get out and vote.

He said he was already sitting down and thinking as a Minister of Parliament about what he could do for the residents of Christ Church. Despite at least two showers of rain the well-populated BLP following engaged in a social party and the bouncy music of TC, Marvay, Mr Dale, among other entertainers.

“Take a chance on me and let us build back Barbados,” Abrahams said in appealing to flag-waving, gyrating party faithful followers. The Christ Church East candidate said he did not run away from the constituency, heard their needs over the past five years and promised the residents brighter times, financially and economically. (HH)