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BLP campaign enters final stage


BLP campaign enters final stage

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Barbados Labour Party (BLP) supporters have converged at the Bay Street Esplanade in their thousands for the BLP’s final meeting ahead of the 2018 General Election.

Candidates Marsha Caddle, Neil Rowe and Wilfred Abrahams have all taken to the stage to remind the party faithful of being focused ahead of tomorrow’s election.

Party stalwart Dame Billie Miller also made brief comments after indicating she was ill with the flu.

Several other speakers are expected to grace the stage in what has been dubbed the Best for Barbados Rally.

The candidates informed the thousands of mostly red-clad supporters how to vote: where to place their ‘x’; not to look for Mia Mottley’s name unless they live in her constituency and not to write encouraging notes on the ballot paper.

The candidates also touted their virtues while condemning the Democratic Labour Party and putting them on notice, much to the delight of the flag and banner-waving crowd.

The tempo increased even further when Adrian Clarke, Gypsy and Mighty Gabby took the stage with improvised a capella foretelling the downfall of the DLP while urging the crowd to vote early. (AD/CA)