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BLP out to destroy, charges Williams


BLP out to destroy, charges Williams

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Democratic Labour Party candidate for the City, Henderson Williams, has charged that the Barbados Labour Party’s politics is about attempting to destroy people.

Williams levelled this charge at the BLP last night while addressing a political meeting in Deacons Farm, St Michael, in support of DLP candidate for St Michael North West Chris Sinckler.

Williams said: “So when you hear them saying that everybody hates Sinckler and that kind of rhetoric, understand they are trying to paint in the minds of rightful thinking Barbadians all kinds of evil. Sinckler is a man of the people of St Michael North West. He is a man for Barbadians and he is one of the smartest, most intelligent and courageous person I know. Sinckler has the courage to do some of the things in the interest of Barbados that most people would cower in fear and run away from.”

The City candidate claimed that the BLP is about wickedness, innuendos and propaganda, adding that they are not about anything good for the people of Barbados.

Williams further claimed that the BLP is only concerned in getting power, taking over the Government and working in the interest of themselves and their cohorts.

He said when he was invited by Sinckler to join the Rural Development Commission, Sinckler did so because he felt he (Williams) had some skills that would be beneficial to the development of Barbados.

Williams took the BLP leader Mia Mottley to task for posting the salary he gets as chief executive officer ofNeedham’s Point’s Holdings Ltd on a large screen at the launch of their manifesto in Oistins.

He claimed that this was done because he is a product of the working class and suggested that the BLP should be kept out of office for their contempt of the poor. (NC)