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Divide and country  will surely sink


Divide and country  will surely sink

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I reflect on how much the country has changed since the 1950s, as we continue under the Westminster system with our two major political parties, who will stop at nothing to gain the majority of seats in our Parliament.

Promises continue to be made to our supposed 96 per cent educated electorate, with the realisation that some promises will not materialise. All of this is vote-catching which, in my opinion, is worse than vote-buying.

I implore the candidates to say what you mean and mean what you say if we (Barbadians) are to unite in the fight for a better Barbados sooner rather than later.

The party politics, where persons want to defend the indefensible, is increasing the polarisation, whereas if the facts are provided in clear English (or Bajan), the electorate will be better able to choose the candidate who we feel is honest and will better assist in managing our country. Such gimmicks and irresponsible displays by our potential leaders can be swallowed by the gullible, and this is not a time to have such persons polarised when the country needs to be united if we are to be propelled forward.

This is not a time for segregation instead of unification, which is urgently imperative.

Will the country benefit when individuals are willing to hopefully curse each other into submission, much to the enjoyment of their followers? This is not the time for that, especially when parents bring their young children to be exposed to such examples at meetings to avoid leaving them at home unsupervised.

This polarisation will not be of benefit to the country, which can only flourish once again if there is honesty, unity and discipline displayed by our candidates. Persons on the platform must show the youth that they are role models by displaying their work ethic, while avoiding the gutter politics. I am not saying not to decry someone who is considered unable to perform, but do so with the language, discipline and diplomacy which we were taught in primary school.

The other area of divide and rule which continues to pull the country apart is ethnicity, especially the black and white issue. I emphasise this because we need each other more than ever before, and persons must realise there is no biological difference except for pigmentation and physical appearance.

Barbados can go forward at a faster rate once this factor is accepted, and Indians, Whites and Blacks must unify – otherwise we will follow in the footsteps of Zimbabwe.

I beseech everyone in the country to vote, but do so primarily with a conscience for making the country better. I hope the next government will look at correcting the ills of the country with strong leadership and aim for unification of the entire population. This will involve not looking at the black or white or party only.

This election is serious, and your vote can make or break the country. So vote wisely.