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Duguid queries if Dems flying in voters

MARIA BRADSHAW, [email protected]

Duguid queries if Dems flying in voters

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Is it true that the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is chartering flights to Barbados with voters?

This is what Dr William Duguid, the Christ Church West candidate for the Barbados Labour Party, wants to know.

Dr Duguid who was speaking at the BLP’s political meeting at Lower Lodge Road, Christ Church Tuesday night said he had asked the question before but there had been a “deafening silence” from the Dems.

“I understand that they want to fly in people to vote and I am going to ask Freundel Stuart and Chris Sinckler, is it true that you, the Democratic Labour Party are flying in people from over and away to vote in this election?

“Why this is so important, he said, is that  if somebody who lives in New York, or who lives in Canada or who lives in the United Kingdom, comes and flies into Barbados and votes in this election and distorts our democracy; and then get back on a plane and leaves and then the Democratic Labour Party wins, we still have to live with sewage on the South Coast; and we still have to live with the NSRL and we still  have to live with the VAT; but they gone back to where they have come from. That can’t be fair, he roared.

While Duguid acknowledged that the DLP “can’t win in Christ Church West because they would have to fly in 20 planes” he said they were targeting marginal areas, “where it can have an effect.”

However, he warned that the BLP had a strategy for this plan.

“We will counter that because we are going to get out our people in their numbers to vote for the Barbados Labour Party. Because when we get out our votes don’t care how many people they bring in they cannot win on May 24,” he said to loud applause from the gathering. (MB)