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PM denounces bloodline politics

GERCINE CARTER, [email protected]

PM denounces bloodline politics

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has warned Barbadians not to be ensnared by “Mottleyism.”

Returning to the subject of the social status of Opposition leader Mia Mottley during a meeting at Roberts Road, Haggatt Hall Wednesday night, the Prime Minister told DLP supporters Mottley “believes she is royal and that everybody else around her lacks personhood”.

“She is just another human being like anybody else in Barbados. If I tickle you, you will laugh. If I prick you, you will bleed. If I tickle her, she will laugh and if I prick her she will bleed. The fact that her circumstances might have been more favourable than ours does not make her special.” Stuart said.

He insisted the choice in tomorrow’s election was “between the Democratic Labour Party and the Barbados Labour Party… a choice between bloodline politics, fine stock politics and the politics of equal opportunity and the politics of a just society.”

“The DLP came into existence to ensure that equality of opportunity replaced and prevailed over anything called bloodline,” Stuart asserted.

Speaking in support of DLP candidates Rodney Grant in St Michael South East and Nicholas Alleyne in St Michael East, the DLP leader said neither of the two candidates made “any appeal to you on the basis of bloodline or fine stock.”

“They appeal to you on the basis of the conviction that Barbados should be a society based on equal opportunity and that qualifies them for your unequivocal and emphatic endorsement…”

Imploring Barbadians to vote, he reminded his audience of the history of the fight for that right.

“Staying at home on Thursday is not an option. Every Democratic Labour Party sympathiser who decides to stay at home on Thursday, whether you know it or not, is voting for the Barbados Labour Party and we can’t afford that” Stuart said. (GC)