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Sealy: IMF a last resort for Dems


Sealy: IMF a last resort for Dems

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Over the past ten years the Freundel Stuart administration has tried its best to avoid going to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for any assistance, says Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Richard Sealy.

Sealy made this disclosure last night while addressing a political meeting in Deacons Farm, St Michael in support of Democratic Labour Party candidate for St Michael North West Chris Sinckler.

Speaking in defence of Government policy, Sealy said: “The one thing the Barbados Labour Party has said that I believe is that they would go to the IMF. We in the DLP have spent ten years doing everything humanly possible not to go to the IMF.

“Under Sinckler’s leadership we had a Medium Term Fiscal Strategy; we had a Medium Term Growth and Development Strategy; we had the 19 month adjustment programme, we have the Sustainable Recovery Plan as well that some people are saying that they signed onto but are not totally agreed with. The point is we have been looking at our capacity to plan a recovery and a growth strategy from right here in Barbados.”

Sealy called on the large crowd present to get onboard with the Government and reject the promises that could not be explained by the BLP.

He said Sinckler’s production of a 30-page document which details the quality of the work he has done in the constituency explains why the BLP is consistently “attacking him”. 

“They are attacking him and by extension you with some of the most salacious attacks that anybody in politics has had to endure. His young family has had to put up with that all because they [the BLP] does not have anything that can be compared with  Sinckler’s home grown plan to assist in growing the economy,” Sealy said.     

He told Barbadians that they have no reason to experiment or take any chances with the BLP. (NC)