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Sinckler: Remember where you came from

ANTOINETTE CONNELL, [email protected]

Sinckler: Remember where you came from

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Chris Sinckler got nostalgic as he addressed his hometown of St Michael North West, reflecting on the work done by his office to help those who came from a background similar to his.

He spoke about a little publicised school assistance programme as he pointed to the need to give back and what representation should be.

Sinckler, who has represented the constituency for ten years, said that is what coming to high office meant.

“When you come to high office you have to remember your grounding. You can’t forget where you come from,” he told the crowd at the Deacons Farm, St Michael meeting Tuesday night.

Stating that he was an unapologetic product of Deacons, Sinckler, the Minister of Finance, added that he did not envy anyone born with a gold spoon in their mouths.

However, he was against those who, because of accident of birth, believe they are better than those with a background like those from Deacons and its surroundings.

A jubilant atmosphere prevailed when Sinckler made his appearance on the platform.

He was ushered on to the stage by a crowd of chanting youthful supporters as calysonian Mistah Dale gave a live rendition of Sinckler’s campaign song belting out “Chris, Chris, we going with Chris, we going with Chris. (AC)