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Election Snapshots


Election Snapshots

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Residents woke up early and went in their numbers to cast their ballots today across Barbados.

The long-anticipated General Election Day had finally arrived and first time voters lined up with their parents, the elderly, infirmed, disabled and political candidates, determined to have a say in who would govern the country.

Nation teams across the island reported long lines and some frustration. Some who were dressed for work left after the long waits, but said they would return later in the day.

St Lucy: There were long lines at Ignatius Byer Primary and the Salvation Army in Checker Hall.  It was quiet at St Lucy Parish Church, but an officer said the lines were long between 6 and 7 a.m.

St Peter: It was relatively quiet at All Elliott Belgrave Primary School in Boscobelle, but frustration was high at All Saints Primary. Some people complained of the long wait, having been there for more than two hours, and some left, saying they would return.

St James: There were complaints of long lines at Frederick Smith Primary, while long lines at Queen’s College (below) gave way to a quieter process by mid-morning.


St Thomas: It was quiet at Sharon Primary and The Lester Vaughan School when the Nation teams visited.

St George: There were long lines at Ellerton Primary.

St Philip: By mid-morning, the long lines at Bayley’s Primary had declined. There were long lines at Rices and Reynold Weekes. At the latter, voters complained of long waits, between two and two-and-a-half hours. After a very heavy voting at PG3 Christian Mission Church at Stroud Land, St Philip, it became quiet at 10:30 a.m. where people could have walked in and cast their ballots.  

St John: When The Nation team passed through St John after 9 a.m., it was relatively quiet at The Lodge School, St John Parish Church, St John Primary, St John Parish Church and Mount Tabor Primary.

Christ Church: There were long lines in the south, particularly between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m., many of whom wanted to go to vote before going to vote. At Christ Church Girls’ School, the line stretched into the road. Traffic lined the length of Water Street, which is one-way at that time. At Sargeant’s Village, the line from Living Waters Church also reached the road. Heavy voting at St Bartholomew’s, near the Airport, lessened later in the day. There were also reports of long lines at St Christopher Primary.

St Michael: At Lawrence T. Gay, there were also long lines with each person taking in excess of five minutes to complete the process. Some people became frustrated and left. Early this morning, some voters at St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church complained it took longer than expected, while some said they took less than three minutes.   

St Andrew: There were long lines at A. DaCosta Edwards Primary and they were moving slowly.

St Joseph: No reports from St Joseph at this time.

Below: At Lester Vaughan School