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Strong show of voters up North

Davandra Babb

Strong show of voters up North

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There was a high voter turnout in the north today as Barbadians vote to elect their next government.

In St Peter, St Lucy and St Andrew scores of voters turned out from the crack of dawn to vote and there was a steady flow of voters in and out the polling stations throughout the day.

In St Peter long lines were observed at many of the polling stations and many vented their frustrations about have to wait hours to vote. Some opted to wait it out, while others left promising to return after work.

Over in St Lucy, things were pretty much the same. Long lines, eager voters but frustrated by the long wait. They however engaged in lively conversations as they waited.

Things were a bit quieter in St Andrew. Officials reported that many of the voters came out very early in the morning before going off to work.

However, at one polling station some frustrated voters questioned why the process was talking so long. Some said they were in the line for more than two hours.

The NATION team also caught up with some candidates, Colin Jordan and Lynroy Scantlebury in St Peter and Peter Phillips in St Lucy who went to cast their vote.

Around the constituencies in the north many were also seen busy transporting voters to and from the polling station.

Officials said they expect things to get extremely busy from about 3 p.m. (DB)