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BLP supporters start celebrations

BARRY ALLEYNE, [email protected]

BLP supporters start celebrations

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The party has already started for Mia Mottley in St Michael North East.

Just over an hour ago, more than 200 Barbados Labour Party supporters converged on the grounds of the St Matthews Primary School, awaiting the eventual victory lap with their party leader. 

At 1:30 a.m. with 11 boxes out of the way, Mottley had already distanced herself from the Democratic Labour Party’s Patrick Todd, racking up 2 536 votes to Todd’s 267.

And outside the school, a chorus has already started. “We terrorising them,” one female supporter boasted as the overall results started to come out, showing significant leads for many BLP candidate.

“They have given us ten years of nothing. It was time for this to stop,” another said as the wave of red-wearing supporters continued to roll in.

Mottley is expected to arrive at the school soon, since only seven boxes are now  to be declared by election clerk Adrian Walcott. (BA)