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God’s House ‘not for voting’


God’s House ‘not for voting’

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Churches should not be used as polling stations on Election Day.

That was the cry of Pastor Urilene Springer of The Church of God United in Christ, in King Street, St Simons, St Andrew, who said the practice was inappropriate and should cease.

Speaking to the WEEKEND NATION yesterday at her St Simons, St Andrew home, she said she had been pushing for reverends and church ministers to stop the practice for years, but no one had paid her any attention.

“Over 20 years ago, I had a vision from the Lord saying that voting in church was wrong,” she said. “His House is a place of worship, not a den of thieves and robbers, as it states in Mark 11:17 in The Bible.

“I told the pastor of the Rose of Sharon Tabernacle Assembly in White Hill and he did not listen, and one year and a month later, the church was destroyed.”

In the 1990s that church, like other buildings in that area, was affected by land slippage and another church was erected a few yards away.

Springer said she wrote a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office two years ago asking that the issue be nipped in the bud, and though she said she received correspondence that the matter would be looked into, nothing had changed.

“This should not be happening because all types of people go into God’s House and they are not going for worship or forgiveness. They go in there with hatred towards an unfavourable party or person, and they leave with the same mindset. When you step into a place of worship, you should not leave with that frame of mind; you leave as a better person.”

The pastor added that vote buying was another activity she condemned, adding that it was another reason why voting should not occur in church. (SB)