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Region told to brace for 2018 hurricane season


Region told to brace for 2018 hurricane season

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The region must brace for 12-14 named storms, 6-7 hurricanes, of which three are expected to be intense.

This is the outlook predicted for the Hurricane Season this year and it was the main topic of discussion at a two-day forum held at Accra Beach Hotel this week.

Meteorologist Wayne McGeary, delivering the anticipated wet hurricane season climate outlook for 2018, said for the next six months there will be unusual to drier than usual conditions for the region except for the Guianas from June to August; and at least as wet as usual from September  to November, but possibly drier than usual for Barbados, the Guianas, Trinidad & Tobago and the Windwards.

He said drought is far off the radar for countries at this time, and for this year, but he hinted that drought might possibly develop in Christ Church, St. George and St. Phillip.  

In examining the temperatures for the next few months, he said temperatures from June to August during both night and day are likely to be cooler than in most recent years, except in ABC Islands and Leewards during the day.

McGeary told stakeholders preset that for June, July and August to expect heat discomfort at times, especially during heatwaves, but temperatures during this hot part of the year are likely a bit cooler than in recent years.

For September, October, November 2018, heat waves are likely in the Eastern and Southern Caribbean, especially in September or October, with cooler temperatures expected from November onwards.

Either wetter than usual or the usual amount of rainfall is likely for the wettest part of the year, with potential for flash floods and long-term flooding.

June to August is not expected to be particularly wet, except for the Guianas, whereas the latter half of the wet season may be wetter than usual.

McGeary urged all residents and those in the region to prepare for hurricanes, flash floods, flooding and heat stress. (DR)