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Santia beats dad’s record


Santia beats dad’s record

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Santia Bradshaw was elated, but still humbled, as she spoke to the media after her win on Thursday night, ushering her return to the constituency of St Michael South East.

Bradshaw recorded double figure wins in most polling districts, beating her opponents, Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate Rodney Grant, Francina Bourne of Solutions Barbados and United Progressive Party’s (UPP) Veronica Price.

When presiding officer Corey Archer released the first set of results at 12:24 p.m., four hours after the 8 o’ clock scheduled start and at least an hour after the first of votes were counted, Bradshaw was in a clear lead with 738 votes to Grant’s 129, Bourne’s 16 and Price’s 5 from NA1 (Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology in Wildey).

In the 2013 General Election, Bradshaw won by only ten votes, securing 2 402 to Democratic Labour Party’s Patrick Tannis’ 2 392.

This time the margin was massive. Grant, of the DLP, was only able to secure 1 099 votes to Brashaw’s 3 803, with third party candidates Francine Bourne of Solutions and Veronica Price of UPP gaining 102 and 26, respectively.

Flanked and almost crushed by family, friends and supporters, Bradshaw arrived at the Parkinson School prior to the announcement of the last two sets of results. She told the media she was thankful that the constituents believed in her leadership to return her to the seat, and also in that of Mia Mottley to allow her and her team to serve the country.

Huge victory


“On the last occasion I would have had a narrow margin, on this occasion it’s a huge victory. I have beaten the results which the Barbados Labour Party would have had in previous occasions in this constituency.

“I, also for the first time, have won the Pinelands area overwhelming for the BLP, beating in particular my dad’s record, which for me is a legacy which I have been trying to break, so I feel really good about that,” a visibly happy Bradshaw declared as she addressed the media yesterday morning after she was announced winner.

She said her first order of the day is to find jobs for as many constituents as she could, noting that things would not happen overnight. She said the BLP team was ready for the task ahead. (DR)