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St Peter flooding first on agenda


St Peter flooding first on agenda

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WITH THE START of the Atlantic hurricane season just days away, new parliamentary representative for St Peter, Colin Jordan, will be moving to execute the first phase of the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) plan to reduce the impact that heavy rains have on Round The Town and Gills Terrace, Speightstown.

He was speaking to the DAILY NATION just after the official results were announced by returning officer Roger Small at Coleridge & Parry School early Friday morning.

“I committed to the people of Gills Terrace and Round The Town that once we assume the next Government, we would do what was necessary to bring relief to their situation,” said Jordan.

The first-timer said they had to first figure out if there were any blockages along the way to Speightstown.

“The volume of water that came last August [during Tropical Storm Harvey] tells me that there must have been some blockages somewhere along the line that broke suddenly to bring the water down in a torrent, with enough volume and velocity that would move a house and result in flooding.”

Residents living in those areas have endured immense suffering over the years, including the washing away of quite a number of houses in 1984.

Jordan said greater investigation needed to be undertaken to ensure the gullies were clear so rainwater would have an unhindered passage.

That was the best short-term method since the hurricane season was around the corner, he said, adding that there was also a major plan in place to solve the problem.

“The immediate thing . . . is to work on the damage to Speightstown and with the Department of Emergency Management and any other organisations involved. (RG)