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Half pig, half monkey on St Lucy farm

MARIA BRADSHAW, [email protected]

Half pig, half monkey on St Lucy farm

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Some sort of monkey business has gone on in the pig sty of a Cave Hill, St Lucy farm.

And it has produced a half pig-half monkey baby, being referred to as a “porkey”.

That was the shocking sight which confronted pig farmer Daphne Boyce when she went to check on her sow, which had given birth to 12 piglets last Saturday.

One of them was acting strange, not mixing with the others, and when Boyce turned it over to see what was going on, she just could not believe her eyes.

“I say this pig ain’t look right to me. I take a stick and try to turn it over ’cause it was keeping ’pon one side; and when I turn it over, I say no, this got to be a monkey face. I call my brother and I say, ‘Roger, Roger, this pig look like a monkey’.”

Boyce said its eyes were close to the forehead like a monkey’s, while it had one pig ear and a monkey’s ear.

“It don’t have no snout; it got a mouth just like a monkey,” she said, mimicking the animal’s mouth movements.

The little “porkey” also refused to nurse from its mother or mix with the other piglets.

Boyce’s brother, Roger Feliciano, who took photos of the strange-looking pig with his cell phone, said he tried to feed it milk with a baby bottle, but that was not successful. The animal died yesterday morning.

Boyce said she could not stop the monkeys from “monkeying around” with her pigs since they were rampant in her neighbourhood.

“They all ’pon the roof. I got a mango tree there and they does eat all the mangoes. When people ask me if I ain’t got no mangoes in the tree, I does tell them the tree belong to the monkeys.”

The 75-year-old woman said this was not the first time monkeys had dabbled with other animals. She recalled one of her friends having a “monkey sheep” a few years ago. (MB)